My travels

The start of my trip took me to Takikawa, where my uncle, aunt and grandma live. I was only visiting there for 3 days but it had been 8 years since I had last been there. Most of the things that happened there are in the family section.

This section covers my travels when I was staying in hostels around Tokyo:

This was the first neon sign you encounter when you land in Narita, and its hideous

And this hideous gaijin is Ash (or Aa-shuu as the Japanese would pronounce it). When I arrived in Kuramae I was totally lost, luckily this gaijin stood out like a sore thumb and I saw him in a local restaurant and this is when my Tokyo adventure started.


One method of transport we found pretty useful was hiring a bike for the day, 200 yen (about £1.40) gets you a standard road bike for 24 hours. Along with my trusty iphone compass it was pretty quick and easy to get around the city.


One Love Jamaican Festival 2010

Japan ‘Hearts’ Jamaica – Article from Time Out Tokyo

In Japan they love their festivals and the One Love festival was no exception. There was a nice chilled vibe but without the smell of pungent weed being smoked, which I guess is a fairly large part of any reggae festival. Nevertheless the festival still had it’s fair share of over priced rasta memorabilia and stonned Japanese people, too wasted to speak. The music was pretty interesting, its was a strange fusion of reggae / ska mixed with Japanese pop lyrics and a generic Japanese announcer, all in all a pretty unique musical experience, defiantly worth checking.



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